A Cornishman's Tale
My adventure in New Zealand was awesome, so I'm sharing it with you.

08 December 2009

26th September 09

Still feeling really home sick, really miss the family, my friends, the dogs and cats, just home in general. I miss Falmouth! The people we are staying with are really amazing but I really don't like living in someone else’s home. So the plan is to do loads of helpx all the way round to save money and take a few months seeing the island. We are going to buy a car to get around in as you get to see what you want when you want rather than relying on buses.

So we spent a couple of day in the Youth Hostel and we then headed over to stay with Olive and Graeme. They're the family from helpx (which is a scheme set up so that you stay with a family and people for free, they put you up and feed you in exchange for a few hours work a day for them. helpx). I guess I should talk about what we did for the first couple of days. I apologise if I keep jumping from time frame to time frame as I will probably keep remembering thing as I go. OK so we landed on Thursday evening and as I said before we both spent that night sleeping.

Friday we went into the city which isn't far from the YH. The main street is one long road that slowly runs up hill. To walk from one end to the other I guess it takes about half an hour and we are staying at the top of that hill. Loads of shops like you would expect, none that I recognise but mainly the same types just different names and loads of souvenir shops. There are a couple of shopping centres dotted about. The main one is at the bottom of the street with a cool food court. Unfortunately we aren't there to shop and don't have enough money to buy any in any case. Also with my big back crammed with stuff I don't have the space if I wanted to. There is a cool cinema that is several stories high that we visited on Saturday.

Friday after lunch Ring started feeling ill so he stayed back in the room and I went back in town to familiarise myself with the area better and because I was really board. After getting back at 5, Ring was feeling worse so I thought I would have a lay down before getting tea for us both. 4 hours later I wake up and he was fast asleep so I decided to get some tea by myself. I didn't want to spend loads so grabbed a Burger King and then headed to the pub for a pint. I thought I would go to the only pub on Queens Street (the main street). Had a couple of pints of Guniness then started to head home as it was pretty quiet.

On the way up I passed an Irish bar I hadn't noticed before that was playing live music and more importantly, cider on tap after some one at home told me they don't sell it in NZ. I was over the moon. The live band was really good and after a couple of pints later I was really starting to enjoy myself. It's unreal how social smoking has become since the smoking ban. The amount of people I speak to that you wouldn't normally because your in the pub in groups usually and the music is load anyway but out side smoking everyone is chatting. One girl, a hippy, asked while I was out smoking, if I had any weed. Of cause I didn't but it turns out see works for green piece. Now if anyone can get weed it's the green piece workers.

Saturday I woke with a massive hang over. I don't think I got in until 3 or 4 in the morning. Had a wicked night drinking, chatting and dancing. I showed myself I can go out in a big city on my own and meet people. I think I may be starting to get over my fear of speaking to new people and people that aren't close friends in general. Anyway Olive was picking us up at 4 so we had most of the day to kill, we wondered the city and went and watched a film to pass the time. My hang over started lifting thankfully by the time Olive came.

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