A Cornishman's Tale
My adventure in New Zealand was awesome, so I'm sharing it with you.

02 December 2009

What's to come

I have just returned from travelling New Zealand during which I kept, or tried to keep, a diary. I though I would now start to put it up on to a blog firstly because my friends keep asking me what it was like (which I couldn't really do justice just talking about with my sieve like memory). Secondly because I hope that during the rewriting from my paper copy to digital that it will jog memories and events that I hadn't written down or only briefly touch on. To that end I plan to display the added parts in italics. How long I will keep that up I don't know, I may even give up the italics thing when I write the first post up tomorrow, but that the plan at the minute anyway. As I didn't write my diary day to day (so it’s really more of a journal) I will post it several pages in one post or when a natural stopping point happens. Again that’s the plan at any case.

Ok so a little bit about how this all came about. I grew up and still live in Cornwall which is a county in the very south west of main land Britain. I'm 29 (the wrong end of the twenties), or was when I wrote this depending on when your reading it, and was recently made unemployed thanks to the print company I worked going bust. I got some redundancy money and rather than just feverishly wasting it I thought I would put it to good use.... a trip to New Zealand.

I wished for years that I had gone travelling when I finished uni but I started work, acquired bills and debt so never really had the money until now or then rather as I have none of my redundancy left. It's all merged into the New Zealand economy. Being a Cornishman we're not renowned for our willingness to adventure much like the Hobbits in the Lord of the Rings. So I wanted to go somewhere that A) spoke English, B) was relatively safe to travel around and C) somewhere that’s enough like Briton but different and the same time if that makes any sense.

After seeing the amazing country on the features for the Lord of the Ring especially Wellington during the world premier of The Return of the King I was spell bound. I mean a country that can basically red carpet the capital and have such an amazing turn out was a place I wanted to go. If you haven't seen the feature on the extended cut of The Return of the King I really recommend it. Check this photo out and see how amazing it must have been to have been there on that day( Pic ). That pic doesn't really do it at all justice. There and then I feel in love with New Zealand.

So with a couple of months preparation I was nearly ready to go. I mentioned it to a Friend of mine, Dan who's nickname is Ring (I wont bore you with the reasons behind it) wanted to join me which I was much grateful for the company. I only tell you this because that’s how he is named in the diary entries, Ring.
Right I have rambled on for long enough. I'm sure I will add things in to the up coming post as and when I think of them. They will also probably be in italics.

Oh yeah I apologise in advance or my painfully bad spelling and grammar. Remember this is not a masterful piece of literature but my thoughts and experiences so I've tried to put them down on paper as close to how they form in my brain. P.S. some of the spelling is actually the correct spelling in the Queens English and may be different in other English speaking countries. For example Traveller is correct but I think in the States it's spelt Traveler and colour spelt with a 'u' is also right. I say this so help cover up my poor attempt at spelling but it is no less true. Oh and one last thing, I may continue the blog on after my diary is all posted as just a blog about my general thinkings and as Kevin Smith would say Borring Ass Life.

I hope you enjoy my little tale of a Cornishman's trip to the other side of the planet and thank you for reading. Please leave comments, emails and stuff to let me know what you think, I 'm very interested to know your opinions.

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